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Custom prices

In Bulk Table Editor settings find the Custom price (slug) and enter i.e _cost_of_goods (from Cost & Reports for WooCommerce) or other you want to use. Some integrations is ready if you select one from the Integrations (get slug) dropdown.

After you have found the custom price and copy / paste it to settings you need to set a custom name for the field and this will be the column name in the table editor. Then check the custom price – calculate like sales price. If you check this it will use normal price as your base for the bulk calculations. If not you will use the custom price as a standalone price, same as the regular price does. If for example this custom price is a wholesaler price and you want all wholesaler prices to be 50% of the regular price then you should check this option on. Finally to show the custom field in Bulk Table Editor click the: Show custom price checkbox and you are done, now you can go to Bulk Table Editor and update your custom prices! 

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