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Category & Images (tab)

The Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce enriches your product management experience with the newly added “Category & Images” tab. This innovative feature is designed to streamline the way you manage product visuals and categorizations, enhancing efficiency and control over your WooCommerce store’s inventory.

Empower Your Product Visuals

  • Seamless Image Updates: With the “Category & Images” tab, updating featured and gallery images becomes a hassle-free process. Whether you’re looking to adjust a single product or apply changes in bulk, this tab provides the tools you need to keep your product visuals fresh and engaging.
  • Zoom for Detail: Each image within the table includes a zoom option, allowing you to enlarge and inspect visuals directly, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Streamlined Category Management

  • Bulk Category Updates: Redefine how you organize your products with our multi-select category management tool. This feature not only allows for the bulk updating of categories but also includes a search function, making it easier than ever to find and assign the right categories to your products.
  • Flexible Options: Whether you’re adding new categories, setting specific ones, removing unwanted categories, or clearing them altogether, the “Category & Images” tab equips you with the flexibility to tailor your product listings precisely.

Unified Experience Across Tabs

  • Consistent Filtering and Searching: The “Category & Images” tab maintains the powerful filtering and searching capabilities present in the Home and Other Values tabs. Filter by categories, sale status, tags, stock status, and more, or use the search function to quickly find what you need in the table rows.

By integrating the “Category & Images” tab into the Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce, we’re providing store owners with a powerful tool to manage their products more effectively. Streamline your workflow, enhance product appeal, and organize your inventory with unparalleled ease. Discover the difference today and elevate your WooCommerce store to new heights.

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