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Bulk Category Editor let you work with your product categories in a new and efficient way. Ever wanted to have search and replace functions for your product categories? Here you have it, in addition it include bulk functions to add text before or after any category field. If you like to edit in a table format, the category editor comes with a table editor that lets you filter, edit and do bulk updates easily. And of course it comes with an easy way to add categories (single or in bulk).

Easy add, remove or set categories to your products!

We know that many “struggle” with setting categories on their products, so we built in several functions to do this easily in bulk. Functions like add, remove and set categories was added to make this an easy task for you. To make it even easier we added many filters both to categories and the product list.


Bulk edit categories

The built in search and replace function enables you to find text phrases you want to change in your product categories. It includes functions that enables adding text before or after any text phrase. The do button will execute your change, not happy then just use the reset button to get it back. When satisfied with a replace, just save and your categories is updated.

Search and filters

The category filter enable you to do searches in the table, start typing and the rows filters as you type. If you i.e filter on your category shoes, then add a space and start typing hik, the result filter down to hiking shoes. The category filter let you search in parent category, name, description and slug.

Add categories in bulk

When using the add button, it will open the add category table above the button. Here you can easily create a new product categories – in bulk or single. If you want to do this often, just make the add category table visible default using an option in settings. 

Bulk delete categories

Bulk Category Editor includes an easy way to bulk delete categories. Just filter and check the categories you want to delete, then click the delete button, confirm the delete an your categories is gone.

Move products

If your products have the wrong categories, perhaps they are stuck in the Uncategorized category. Then we want to remove it from this category and put products in other categories, just go to the move products section. Here you easily find and filter your products and bulk move them to any category or categories.

Add categories to products

Often we need to just add a category on some products. In the move products section you can do this easy by query the products, filter those you want and just by a click of a button – bulk add one or several categories to your products.

User-Friendly Table Interface

This WooCommerce extension uses a familiar table format. This format makes it easy to get an overview and make direct changes in any row. In addition, you will find a number of searches / filters that quickly give you what you want.

Purchase at WooCommerce.com

This extension is only available for purchase at WooCommerce.com. This means you will be able to update your extensions directly in WooCommerce admin. Support is handled exclusively by the Consortia support team.

Price $69

1 year of updates and support | 30-day money-back guarantee