Unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce store with Pick List. Streamline your order fulfillment process, reduce errors, and ensure customer satisfaction with our intuitive barcode scanning, real-time updates, and mobile optimization. Transform your e-commerce operation into a model of efficiency and reliability.

Pick List Features


The Orders tab serves as your focal point within Pick List, providing a comprehensive view and control over all your orders. Effortlessly search, sort, and filter orders based on various parameters such as status, priority, progress, and assigned user(s). Assign specific orders to designated users and set priority for efficient management. Witness real-time updates on order picking progress, giving you a panoramic view of your order pick and progress journey.

Pick Order

The Pick Order tab is where you initiate the order picking process. You can view all of the orders that need to be picked, and assign yourself to pick orders. You can also view the order progress and track your progress. In the Pick Order (tab) you will also find information about the order, the pick, bulk functions, print options (pick list and packing slips) and much more.


Pending Pickup Orders

The “Pending Pickup Orders” tab is designed to streamline your order fulfillment process, offering a focused view of orders awaiting pickup. Optimized for efficiency, this tab prioritizes orders by urgency, showing the oldest items first to ensure a smooth workflow.

Barcode Scanning

Enhance your WooCommerce workflow with the Pick List for WooCommerce’s barcode scanning feature. Streamline order fulfillment with fast, accurate scans, reducing errors and speeding up the packing process. A seamless integration for precise inventory management and efficient operations.

Print Pick And Packing Slips

Print Pick Lists and Packing Slips direct from the Pick Order tab. The Pick List enables a label Pick List to differentiate from Packing Slips, it also features checkboxes to mark using a pen for clear tracking. The Packing Slips comes with the orders picked items as checked and also an optional thank you note. Both prints includes QR codes (read section QR Codes in prints).

QR Codes in Prints

The included QR Code for Pick List holds the URL to this specific Pick Order. Scan it to swiftly access the Pick Order, enabling bulk picking and accelerating the order fulfillment process. The QR Code for Packing Slips enables customers to access their “My Account” and conveniently view order status and details.

Custom Order and Product Fields

The order (tab) and the Pick Order (tab) can be configured to include two B2B fields: Company and Role and two custom order fields. Custom Fields allow you to tailor your order data by incorporating specific details that are relevant to your business needs. Customize and utilize these fields to enhance order tracking and management.

From vs 2.4.17 custom product fields is added to be used in the pick order tab.

Barcode Integration

Our system is designed to support a wide range of barcode types, catering to diverse business needs. With Pick List, you can easily use EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE (11, 39, 93, 128), Codabar, and Standard barcodes. This versatility ensures compatibility with various product types and industry standards. Using SKU for this? No worries, as this is an option in settings.

This integration not only boosts efficiency but also minimizes errors, enabling you to deliver a superior service to your customers. 

WooCommerce Status Colors

Pick List now integrates WooCommerce’s native status colors, bringing a familiar and intuitive visual cue to your order management. This feature enhances recognition and understanding of common order statuses at a glance, streamlining your workflow. By aligning with WooCommerce’s color scheme, we ensure a seamless and efficient user experience, making order tracking more straightforward and visually coherent.

Order Page (WooCommerce)

The Edit Order page is your control center for managing orders in WooCommerce. Here, you’ll find essential details and features to efficiently handle your orders like: progress tracking, links to Pick List (Order tab) and Pick Order, shipment information and pick priority.

Automatic Updates

Delve into a seamless order management experience with Pick List for WooCommerce. Under the hood, our robust system employs intelligent AJAX functions that continually monitor your activity. When you commence order picking, the system automatically assigns the order to you, streamlining your workflow.

Experience real-time notifications within the Orders tab, keeping your team informed of new orders and progress updates. As you progress in order picking, our system adapts, allowing you to effortlessly change order statuses that fits your workflow like: ‘Processing’ when pick start or ‘Completed’ upon 100% completion. Stay ahead in order fulfillment, effortlessly.

Shipped Status

Empower your order fulfillment process with the exclusive ‘Shipped’ status feature introduced by Pick List for WooCommerce. This essential status bridges the gap in WooCommerce’s default statuses, providing you with a clear indication of orders that have been successfully shipped to customers. Keep your order management comprehensive and transparent by effortlessly marking orders as ‘Shipped’, ensuring a seamless post-pick workflow.

NEW: Option to ship an order multiple times (from vs 2.4.6) 

Filters And Search

You can filter orders based on order statuses, priority, assigned user, and progress. Each filter supports multiple selections and can be used in combination to tailor your view. Utilize the search function to look for specific orders, similar to how you would in WooCommerce > Orders.

Mobile Views

The mobile view of the Orders tab is designed to ensure seamless order management, even while on the move. It provides convenient access to essential features and functionalities, optimized for use on mobile devices.

The mobile view of the Pick Order tab is tailored to facilitate seamless order picking using your mobile device. It offers the same set of features as the desktop version, ensuring a consistent and efficient user experience.

Export Orders

Access the export functionality to conveniently export order data, ensuring data portability and easy analysis. The data you export is what you see in the order table and is in XLSX format (opens in e.g. Apple Numbers and MS Excel).

Purchase at Woo.com

This extension is only available for purchase at WooCommerce.com. This means you will be able to update your extensions directly in WooCommerce admin. Support is handled exclusively by the Consortia support team.

Price $79

1 year of updates and support | 30-day money-back guarantee

Pick List for WooCommerce
Work very well and great compatibility w/ other plugins
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This is a great plugin. It automatically will change the order status when picking starts and ends. You can print packing slips and pick lists that include QR codes that link back to the order for the customer and for the admin. You can also control what orders go to the pick list based on the order status. In addition I love that you can control picking for local pickup orders. I recommend this plugin because it works well with other plugins and the support is great.
Pick List
Does what it promisse
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I have been looking for a long time for just a module for my employee to minimize errors when picking an order. This module is simple and functional. But especially worth noting is the module support. They answer quickly, help you set up or fix it, and most importantly, they are ready to implement your ideas. Since there were some comments on the functionality of the module, which was implemented very quickly. In general I recommend it. and developers just don’t stop and continue creating quality content.
Pick List for WooCommerce
Responsive developer
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So initially I was not going to write a good review! As the plugin had a jqeury conflict that made it unusable on my website / theme. However the developer has been very responsive, so I waited…through a few email exchanges Consortia has now fixed any jquery conflict issues. I’m so glad that I waited. The plugin is great for assigning picking users, printing pick lists, packing slips, and best of all they have a barcode scanner which I managed to link on a phone / ipad app to scan (which is great for packing accuracy).The interface well designed and user friendly -the developers is open to feedback + improvement. This is definitely worth the subscription, highly recommend. Look forward to the plugins further updates - P.S. would love to see a collated way to export the pick lists as a pdf. Thank you 🙏