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Remove sales

Bulk Table Editor header
Bulk Table Editor header

From vs 2.2.7 this button finds sales in the table automatically, removes it, then just Save to confirm.

Before vs 2.2.7 do this:

To remove sales find the Remove sales button. Before you click this you need to tell Bulk Table Editor witch rows (with sales) you want to remove. This can be done by checking the checkbox beside Name (left bottom in the image above). Then click the Remove sales button, it will then remove the sales in these rows – then just save. Here is an example when we use the filter.

Filter out your selection
Check the items you want to remove / use the mark all left to Name to make this fast.
Click the Remove sales button, all sales information will be removed. Click the Save all button to update this in the database.
Here is the result (filtered for the same selection) – sales removed

Why not just remove all sales in one operation?

In earlier versions of Bulk Table Editor we did that, but customers asked us for more control when removing sales so this is the solution for that.

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