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Using WooCommerce Brands

The Bulk Table Editor’s new integration with WooCommerce Brands, offering advanced filtering and bulk updating capabilities, empowers store owners to leverage these benefits to their fullest, ensuring both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Bulk Table Editor - brands

How to set it up

If you have WooCommerce Brands installed, by default the filter by brands is activated. 

Add the option to bulk edit brands

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Bulk Table Editor > Integration, check box to enable brands. If checked this will add a column in Bulk Table Editor home (tab) that enable you to select brands and bulk add, set and remove brands on products.

How does it work?

  1. Find the column Brands (Editor Home)
  2. Add brands
    1. If you like to only adjust a selection of products, filter or search first to get your selection of products. You can also just check (first column) the products you want to change – if you do not do any selections – all visible products will be adjusted when bulk editing them. (Option to uncheck before saving)
    2. In the select brands > select the brands you want to add to your products
    3. In the bulk select below, select Add Brands
      1. This function will add the brands to every visible (or checked) product/variation. A readonly input will show (showing the brands slugs)
      2. Save (will add the brands on the products on this page)
  3. Set brands
    1. Do as in 2.1 (filter)
    2. In the select brands > select the brands you want set on your products
    3. In the bulk select below, select Set brands
      1. This function will set (override current brands) on your products.
      2. Save (sets just the brands you selected on your products)
  4. Remove brands
    1. Do as in 2.1 (filter)
    2. On products that has brands you can click on the brand to remove (message on hover). If you remove on a variation, the parent product (variable product) will be affected – then after removal you should refresh the page.
    3. To bulk remove, select brands in the multiple select
    4. In the bulk select below, select Remove brands
      1. This function removes the brands if found on a product/variation
      2. Save (removes the selected brands)
  5. Clear
    1. This bulk function removes all brans on the selection
    2. Save (will reset brands on the products)

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