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To bulk-update your current prices, enter a value in the input field for price. Then use the select dropdown box below and select one of the options, increase/decrease in percent or increase/decrease fixed amount.

The amount you have will then be calculated and increased/decreased on every row of the table. Then uncheck products you do not want to change and enter the Save all button.

If the prices are not set or you want to overwrite the current price with a fixed price, add your product price and in the dropdown box select set fixed amount. Now the product rows will be set with your price.

Round upwards function will set the price up from i.e 19.51 to 20.00 and if round downwards from 19.30 to 19.00. Round two decimals does this type of rounding: 19.63 becomes 19.60, it uses the logical round up or down based on the decimals.  

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