Cost & Reports for WooCommerce

Enhance your WooCommerce store’s financial oversight with Cost & Reports, a powerful tool designed for comprehensive profitability analysis and efficient inventory management. This essential plugin not only allows you to add purchase prices, costs, and cost of goods directly to your products and variations but also empowers you with advanced reporting capabilities to monitor and maximize your stores profits.

Cost & Reports - Features

Prices with your profit margin

The extension suggests new prices based on your cost of goods and markup. When the calculation is done, compare it with the current price, and if the suggested new price is more accurate – save. The values set in fields like purchase price, cost, shipping, and cost of goods are used to calculate the values at cost, retail value, profit, and are also used to create the sales reports for profit/revenue for your products/variations. 

Update using the Bulk Editor

Thanks to its many bulk functions, the plugin allows you to edit product values such as purchase price, cost, shipping, cost of goods, markup, price, and stock. All price values can automatically be rounded up, down, to the next decimal, and you can even delete one or several products directly from the list. The bulk functions makes it really fast to add profit to your products / variations.


Values like purchase price, cost of goods, and price make this plugin able to give you sales reports on both orders and products/variations. This makes it easy to find out what products actually make in profit even if your store had sales active on products. Use the predefined date ranges or use the date selectors to get reports for the selected period. Easily download the reports (.csv) of your date range for further processing. There are color indicators in the table for high and low profit (green and red respectively), which can be adjusted in settings.

Search and Filter Products

Use the category selector to access the category you are looking for and refine your selection using the search functions. Use the handy “filter by rows” function to group a set of products to update. The extension allows you to find all products, subscriptions, and variations.

Search/filter in sales reports (products) using the 4 first columns. Automatically calculates averages, totals, profit and more and show the key numbers in the sidebar of the table. 

Order report include

  • Searchable table
  • Averages and summary
  • Shows:
    • Order ID, Customer, Role, Date, Status, Quantity, profit, profit%, item cost, net sales and taxes
  • Date search including predefined date ranges
  • Sort and filter table columns
  • Export table (.xlsx)
  • Export (.csv)

– Gross sales
– Net sales
– Profit in the period
– Profit% In the period
– Taxes this period
– Average profit% per order 
– Average profit per order
– Cost of goods for order
– Purchase price for orders
– Number of orders in the period
– Number of products purchased

Product report include

– Searchable table
– Average and summary
– Shows: 
  – Order ID, Category, Product / variation, SKU, Qty., Price, Net sales, Profit and Profit%
– Color code on acceptable / not acceptable profit% (defined in settings)
– Date search including predefined date ranges
– Sort and filter table columns
– Automatic / dynamic summation when searching in rows
– Download report as CSV file

– # 1 and # 2 best product (quantity) 
  – includes: profit, sales, total turnover (sales) and total turnover (quantity)
– # 1 and # 2 best product (profit%)
  – includes: profit, sales, total turnover (sales) and total turnover (quantity)
– Net sales during the period
– Total profit during the period
– Total profit% in the period
– Number of orders in the period
– Number of products purchased

Download Calculations and Reports

Download the calculated product list and reports by using the download buttons. It is possible to download per category or to download all categories (.csv). For sales reports, you can download per orders or per products for a date range (.csv). In addition we built an Export table (.xlsx) function, this table export let you export the filtered and sorted table. All exports opens in MS Excel and Apple Numbers. 

Automated Functions

The plugin contains many automated functions designed to ease the process of editing and calculating information about your products. For example, it automatically calculates profit value per product as well as total profit of your selection. It also has control functions to alert you for negative profit or prices that are not calculated.


Compatible with products, variations, and subscriptions. The extension also integrates with Cost of Goods for WooCommerce, our own Bulk Table Editor, as well as other extensions using purchase price and cost of goods. The plugin supports multisite network setups.

Available in Several Languages​

The plugin can easily be translated to other languages, the included POT file can be translated to your language using extensions like the Polylang (plugin). Included languages are: English (Default) and Norwegian.

User-Friendly Table Interface

With its familiar table interface, Calculate Your Price is easy to use. In the headers you find sorting and below the bulk editor row are a number handy bulk functions.

Purchase at

This extension is only available for purchase at This means you will be able to update your extensions directly in WooCommerce admin. Support is handled exclusively by the Consortia support team.

Price $89

1 year of updates and support | 30-day money-back guarantee

Cost & Reports
Verified customer
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Cost & Reports for WooCommerce is going to save my client lots of work updating their product prices. We had a couple of queries unique to our data which Tommy was very quick to respond to, rolling out an update with new features specifically solving our issues. Thank you.
Cost & Reports
Works as intended! 🙂
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Everything works like advertised, we are happy with the add-on. We had a small inquiry and were extremely satisfied with the speed and quality of the customer service.
Cost & Reports
Perfect plugin to know your cost and to see your profit margins
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This is an outstanding plugin. A real must-have for every Woocommerce store out there... There are so much crucial functionality offered here. I would recommend it to anyone, any day! You can easily calculate profit margin per product, check profit margin per month, per year, per ORDER, and much, much more. The functions Cost & Reports offers are crucial to understanding the health of your store, based on your costs vs. profit-margins. It even lets you see what profit your remaining stock will give you once it's sold (at the price you have set) The default Woocommerce reporting with fancy graphs are not easy to read, and it lacks too much information. This plugin fixes that. Sooo much easier to see actual numbers, instead of spending time trying to understand your graphs. The way the sheets work are genious. No matter what field you edit, the other fields related to that field will change. So if you want to calculate a new price based on a 150% margin, your new regular-price will show automatically. And all you have to do is press SAVE at the bottom. It's now done for all products! Perfect! If you instead want to insert your own prices for each product, the sheet will automatically calculate your margin. And the way the sheets are layed out, it becomes extremely easy to see where you should increase your prices. Also there are a separate report part of the plugin, where you can get simple and excel ready csv's for accounting. The developers are friendly, and very responsive - superb support! Thanks for an awesome plugin!
Cost & Reports
Great tool, great support!
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This is a good tool to have. Support is also very good: quick respons & solution.