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Welcome to our curated collection of external reviews and mentions. At Consortia, we pride ourselves on developing WooCommerce plugins that make a real difference in the world of e-commerce. This page is a testament to our commitment to excellence, featuring a variety of blogs, reviews, and how-to articles from respected voices in the industry.

Dive into these external perspectives to see how our plugins like Bulk Table Editor, Roles & Rules B2B, and others are recognized and valued in the community. Whether it’s in-depth reviews, rankings, or practical guides, these articles reflect our dedication to providing solutions that truly enhance online stores.

Our plugins are crafted with the needs of our customers in mind, and we continuously evolve them based on valuable feedback. We invite you to explore these insights and discover how our plugins can contribute to the success of your WooCommerce store.

Mentions and Blog Reviews

Explore a wide range of mentions and insightful reviews from various blogs and industry experts about our WooCommerce plugins.


Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce

  • WP Mayor: Offers an in-depth review covering the plugin’s bulk editing capabilities and user-friendly interface. Read More.
  • WooCommerce: How to update products in bulk. Read More.
  • Fantasy Tech Solutions: Highlights the plugin’s key features, including bulk editing and filtering capabilities. Explore Review.
  • IThemelandco: Lists the plugin as a premium WooCommerce extension, emphasizing its utility and popularity. IThemelandco Mention.
  • LearnWoo: Features the plugin in an article on top WooCommerce bulk edit plugins, highlighting its ease of use and functionality. LearnWoo Mention.
  • WPNews.io: Another review discussing the plugin’s functionalities and benefits. WPNews.io Review.

Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce

  • WP Mayor: Detailed review discussing role-based pricing rules, private store configuration, and dynamic price labels. Detailed Review.
  • LearnWoo: Lists the plugin among the best WooCommerce B2B plugins, focusing on its B2B operational capabilities. Learn More.
  • Meow Crew: Compares the plugin with other role-based pricing and wholesale plugins, covering features like bulk rule setting and category-based discounts. Comparison Details.

Cost & Reports for WooCommerce

  • TechReport.com: Cost & Reports by Consortia AS was developed specifically for WooCommerce and focuses on core financial reporting. The level of report detail combined with simplicity is what truly makes this plugin shine.  Best WooCommerce accounting software 2024
  • WP Mayor: Reviews the plugin’s effectiveness in tracking costs, controlling markups, and providing profit analysis. Review on WP Mayor.
  • Educafuls: Highlights the plugin’s bulk editing capabilities and detailed sales reports. Read Educafuls Review.

More Plugin Mentions

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