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Sales price

Recurring sales

The bulk update function for sale price is the same as for price with the exception that you also have to set a sale start and a sale end date.

If you want infinity sales on your products with no start and end dates you need to go to the settings page for Bulk Table Editor and check the option for this. The sale price will be calculated based on the current price on the product. So if you want a 20% sale on you products it will calculate this based on the current product price.

If the sale prices are not set or you want to overwrite the current sale price with a fixed sales price, add your product sale price and in the dropdown box select set fixed amount. Now the product sales price rows will be set.

Round upwards function will set the price up from i.e 19.51 to 20.00 and if round downwards from 19.30 to 19.00. Round two decimals does this type of rounding: 19.63 becomes 19.60, it uses the logical round up or down based on the decimals.  

Previous sales price (History)

Bulk Table Editor - previous sale price
Bulk Table Editor - previous sale price - inserted

If you like you can reuse you previous sales prices. Just use the bulk function on sale price, find Get previous sale prices. Select and the prices used on your previous sale is automatically pushed to every visible row (that had a sale price on your previous sale)

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