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How do I change product categories and view all my products again?

To filter a product category, enter the select a category dropdown box and just select a product category. If you need to go back to all products you can use the default option – Select category – to get back to all your products.

I have a sale but the sale start date is missing, is that normal?

Yes, if the sale is ongoing and the sale start date is before today the field for sale start date is empty. As soon as the sale is over the sale end date field will also be empty. Empty sale start and end dates indicate – no current sale on the product.

After I save sales prices the editor shows null values, why?  

If you save sales prices without any sale start and sale end dates the editor will return null values for sale dates. This is by default not allowed, but if you like to do that and have infinity sales on your products just go to WooCommerce > settings > products > Bulk Table Editor and find and check Allow infinity sale price. 

Do I need to use tags on my products?

Tags makes it more easy for customers to find your products. A article written by WooCommerce let you know more why it is important to give it attention. Read this: https://woocommerce.com/posts/woocommerce-product-tags-seo/

What is SKU and do I need to use it?

SKU is short for: Stock-keeping unit and is a string representing the Product unique identifier in your WooCommerce shop. We recommend to use SKU and Bulk Table Editor has a SKU generator that makes it easy to set unique SKUs on your products and variations. 

Can I bulk update Name your price for WooCommerce prices?

Yes, you can update minimum price and suggested price. Minimum price will show up as price in Bulk Table Editor, suggested price needs to be set in settings > custom price. Use slug: _suggested_price. After saved as below, open Bulk Table Editor and you have a new column for Name your price (suggested price).

How do I search for products?

To search for products just enter a keyword in the search box in the top right on the page and hit enter or click the search icon. If, wherever you are like to go back to all products you can just use an empty search and hit enter in the input field or click the search icon. This applies for regular text and SKU search selected by radio buttons below the search field. If you want to search in rows, click the radio button Rows. When this is selected the search button is disabled because you are just filtering in your current rows. To filter products just start to write a product name or a variation you want to filter by, then only rows containing your input will be shown. 

I have a lot of products, is there a paging function?

Yes, there is a paging function and you find it above the table on the right side. Paging is shown on the page if product count is more than in the settings – products per page – default 50 product rows. Use the next/previous (<< or >>) page buttons as you like. In settings for WooCommerce > products > Bulk Table Editor you will find this settings. 

I have created products and variations, can I bulk set their prices?

Yes, when you create products or variations the price is not set. In Bulk Table Editor find the product or variable product rows and use the bulk function for price, add i.e 30 and in the dropdown below select set fixed amount. Then save, the products or variations has now a price. See image above sale price. Tip: use search in rows to filter your variations if many.

I want to use the round functions, how does it work?

The round functions is found in the dropdown select box for price, sale price and custom price. Round upwards function will set the price up from i.e 19.51 to 20.00 and if round downwards from 19.30 to 19.00. Round two decimals does this type of rounding: 19.63 becomes 19.60, it uses the logical round up or down based on the decimals. Just use the functions on your prices or i.e after you have bulk created new sales prices. Remember to save when done.

Can I set the sales prices to a fixed amount?

Yes, if you want to set a price or sales price to a fixed one you can do this. In Bulk Table Editor use the bulk function for sale price, add i.e 9.99 and in the dropdown below select set fixed amount. Then save, the products has now a new set sale price. This function overwrites old values when used. See image above sale price. 

Can I sort and order the table?

Yes, every column that has a up/down arrow is possible to use for sorting. Just click the header link and you will sort the table on that column ascending or descending.

Can I use the table editor to update single products?

Using the table to change single values is possible for updating product values. If you have mouse over a field the input is automatically selected. After entering a value and moving to another field, note that the checkbox for that row is checked. When you use the Save all button only rows with checkbox checked is saved. If you change stock or price you will see that the table calculates stock value (right column) and give you a total in the bottom. The totals is based on the products you see in the table.

Can I use the editor on an iPad?

Yes, but you have to enable JavaScript in settings for your iPad browser. Follow this guide: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/guides/how-to-enable-javascript/safari-iphone

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