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Bulk set up sales

If you sell clothing and want to set up a sale on your category T-Shirts. In Bulk Table Editor this is an easy task. Just select the category i.e T-Shirts and enter a value in the bulk function for sale price i.e 25 and select in the dropdown box – decrease in %. Bulk Table Editor then calculates a 25% sale based on your regular product price and add it to all your products in the category T-Shirts.

After this you just can set a sale start or a sale end date. This is done by selecting the dates in the bulk functions for start and end date, Bulk Table Editor then fills the rows for you automatically. Just uncheck products you do not want on sale and click the save all button.

Sales dates

Sales dates is optional. This means that you can i.e use start dates and no end dates. This gives you a sale that starts on a date and runs until you stop it by clearing the sale price (function for this). The same goes for using only the sale end date, means that the sale starts now and ends on the date you selected. If you create a sale with no dates the sale starts now and runs until you remove the sale price.

Sale time

You will also find sale start / end time in the Sale date columns. This will enable you to set when the sale starts and ends (minute). With this function you can have hour sales if you like. Use the bulk set time in the heading for quick set and remember to save.

By default the sale schedule works like this: 
  • If you set only a sale price and save, the sale starts now and lasts until you remove the sale price.
  • If you set a sale price and sale start date, the sale starts on the date set (00:00:00) and lasts until you remove the sale price.
  • If you set a sale price and sale end date the sale ends on this date at 23.59.59, and the sale price and dates will be removed from your product.

Sale with no dates (in versions before 2.1.5)

If you just want a sale that goes on until you remove the sale price, then you need to enter Bulk Table Editor’s settings and find a option called: Allow infinity sales price and check this (on) and now you will not need to set dates for you sales. Also check your date settings in WordPress – to make sure it uses the right timezone. 

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