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Other values

In Bulk Table Editor find and click the button Other values (below Bulk Table Editor).

Bulk Table Editor – other

This table enables bulk updates of many of the other values on a product. Some values have rules that will prevent them to be set or other rules that tells what the value is, i.e Backorder and Stock status. All values can be updated in the table or using bulk functions (except Name). When a value has been changed and you leave i.e an input box the checkbox on the left of the row is checked. This indicates that the row will be saved when hitting the Save all button. Easy uncheck rows you do not want to save. If filtering rows, only visible checked rows will be saved.


Can be updated on single products, variables has a button to enter the parent product.


Select box with options: Yes | No. Example: select yes and all shown rows featured checkbox will be checked, then use save all button to apply this for the products.


Sku has many options, you can add or generate SKU based on your preferences. Remember that SKU must be unique or else it will not be saved. To make SKU Bulk Table Editor has several options like set ID first or after a name, generate SKU is another option that generate SKU like this: Shirt with logo = shi-wit-log. If you have done this, you can add i.e ID and vendor before: 112-levis and get: 112-levis-shi-wit-log and you have a unique SKU.  


Think of tags as attributes you can assign to multiple SKUs, this again makes it more easy for customers to find products they look for. The tags has functions like add before and after, or just set a list of tags. If you set a list of tags and add it make sure to use comma to separate your tags.


Select box with options to tell if one can purchase products if products is not in stock.

Stock status (in stock?)

This select box is more a status for your products, you can use the options but it can change automatically if backorder is set and I.e you’re out of stock.


You can easy bulk set measures for your products and variations. Set a value and select the bulk function you want to use i.e set fixed and your value is automatically added to all product rows.

Weight: Set the weight (kg)

Length: Bulk set length (cm)

Width: Bulk set width (cm)

Height: Bulk set height (cm)

Product images

This column list the main product image on a product / variation. If you hoover over a image it scales up. You can easily change the image using the edit icon, this will open media lib where you can change or upload new image if you like.

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