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Hide variables

To hide variables you can not use the visibility option in Other values table, but you need to remove prices from variables you want to hide. Here is how you do that:

  1. Use the row filter i.e hoodie red (find your selection of variables)
  2. Go to the bulk function for Price
    1. Select the Clear function
    2. All prices is now gone for the selection (and the checkboxes for the rows is checked, if there is some you do not want to save – just uncheck it)
    3. Save all
  3. Now your variables is hidden
  4. When you want to make your variables visible again do this:
    1. Use the row filter again i.e hoodie red
    2. Go to the bulk function for Price (dropdown select)
    3. Select: Get previous price (gets the price you had before)
    4. Save all

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