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Attributes & Custom Fields (tab)

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce – Attributes and Custom Fields

In the Attributes and Custom Fields tab, you can bulk edit product attributes and add up to five custom product fields (configured in settings). Note that attributes used for creating variable products cannot be edited here. The tab offers the same filters and search options as the other tabs.


How to Bulk Edit Attributes

  1. Select Attributes: Choose attributes and search for terms (e.g., cotton), then select the desired terms and close the select box.
  2. Choose Action: Select an action (add, set, remove, clear) to apply to the attributes.
  3. Save Changes: Remember to save your changes. Only checked rows will be saved, allowing you to uncheck rows you don’t want to modify.

Tip: Use filters before bulk editing product attributes for more precise results.

Custom Fields

How to Bulk Edit Custom Fields

  1. Filter Products: Filter the products you want to bulk edit.
  2. Enter Value: Input a value (e.g., text or number) in the field above the action dropdown.
  3. Select Action: Choose the appropriate action, such as add or remove.
  4. Save Changes: Save after completing the bulk edit.

Note: Some actions, like “uppercase”, do not require input values.

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