Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce

Bulk Table Editor is an extension that makes it fast and easy to do bulk updates of your products. The editor has a high focus on price-, sales- and stock values. If you have focus on sales, prices and logistics this extension will make your product maintenance easier. Bulk Table Editor is optimised to set up sales in your WooCommerce shop and it helps you get the job done – fast and easy!


Feature overview

The WooCommerce product admin enables single and bulk updates of products. Bulk Table Editor does the same but focuses on bulk editing values like stock, prices, sales prices and sales dates. The editor will also let you edit these values direct in the table editor.

  • Bulk editing of stock, price, sale price, sale start date and sale end date
  • Let you easy find a category or a selection of products to bulk change or set up a sale for
  • It includes a table editor for single product values
  • The editor automatically calculates stock value per product and total stock value
  • It enables work with products and variations
  • It enables work with subscriptions and variations
  • Easy translates to other languages – included is English and Norwegian

Extension includes:

  • Bulk functions for
    • Stock
    • Price
    • Sale price
    • Sale start and end dates
  • An easy way to set up sales in your WooCommerce store
  • One button for saving all changes
  • Automatically calculates stock values and totals
  • An easy way to unselect products you do not want to save
  • Work with single product values in a table
  • Search function
  • Paging function
  • Sort and order of columns

The extension is compatible with:

  • WooCommerce Products and variations
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions and variations

Bulk function menu

Bulk function menu

The bulk function menu is easy to use, just set a value and then select what bulk function you want it to do. Sale price is using regular price for calculations, stock and price is using their current values. Set fixed is used when we have null values or we need to set i.e a selling price like 9.99. More in the example below: Set up a sale.

Ready to use in seconds

After installing and activating the plugin in your WooCommerce store, you find the plugin in menu Products > Bulk Table Editor, click it and all your products are there. In the editor just find the category selector and start bulk updating your products. See the product documentation on how to configure and use Bulk Table Editor more in depth.

Bulk Table Editor

Example – set up a sale

If you sell clothing and want to set up a sale on your category T-Shirts. In Bulk Table Editor this is an easy task. Just select the category T-Shirts and enter a value in the bulk function for sale price i.e 20 and select in the dropdown box – decrease in %. Bulk Table Editor then calculates a 20% sale based on your regular product price and adds it to all your products in the category T-Shirts.

After this you just need to set a sale start and a sale end date. This is done by selecting the dates in the bulk functions for start and end date, Bulk Table Editor then fills the rows for you automatically. Just uncheck products you do not want on sale and click the save all button.

Thats it – your sale is now all set up and starting on your dates!

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Please read the documentation at WooCommerce docs for more information!

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