The popular Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce makes it simple to alter your products’ and variations’ most often modified values. Modify values such as stock, prices, description, SKUs, tags, backorders, and size using the familiar table interface. Bulk Table Editor can also be used to swiftly set up and manage sales. Bulk Table Editor’s extensive capability enables you to work with large groups of products as easily as if they were single items.

Bulk Table Editor Features

Set up Sales in Just a Few Clicks!

Bulk Table Editor is optimized to create sales for one or many products. You can select the start and end date and time for sales, you can reduce price (by fixed value or by percent), and round the new sales prices by decimal. Your sales will end automatically once their end date is reached or you can easily halt sales using the “clear sales” button. From vs 2.3.20 the integration with Action Scheduler make sure sales runs and stops as you like.

Update Your Values in Bulk!

Do bulk updates of stock, prices, sales prices, sale dates, SKU, tags, features, backorders, visibility and measurements (weight, length, width, and height). You can take advantage of the many functions like rounding numbers and calculating sales price by percent. Additionally, you can save all of your changes to all selected rows with just the click of a single button.


Dive into streamlined category management within the ‘Category & Images’ tab. With our intuitive multi-select tool—complete with search functionality—you can bulk update product categories with ease. Options to add, set, remove, or clear categories provide unparalleled flexibility, making it a breeze to organize your products exactly how you want. This powerful feature is available for both individual products and bulk selections, offering a tailored approach to product categorization. 


Explore the ‘Category & Images’ tab to effortlessly manage your product visuals. Here, you can seamlessly update featured and gallery images for individual or multiple products at once. This tab also introduces a convenient zoom feature, allowing you to enlarge images directly within the table for closer inspection.

Linked Products

The Linked Products tab empowers you to create strategic product relationships with ease. Whether it’s upselling more profitable items or cross-selling related products, this intuitive tool streamlines the process. No more manual linking or tedious adjustments—just smart, automated suggestions that boost your sales.

Export (download)

Bulk Table Editor offers a convenient export function. With just a few clicks, you can export your product data as a .csv file. Whether you’re keeping backups, conducting in-depth analyses, our export feature simplifies the process, ensuring you have full control over your WooCommerce data.

Easily Find Groups of Products.

Use the category selector to access the category you desire then refine your selection results using the search function. Use the handy filter by rows function to select a group of products to update in bulk. This extension can find and edit all products, subscriptions, and variations.

Generate SKU

The SKU generator is extremely handy for bulk creating SKUs for your products. Make use of the bulk function “generate” to add an ID and you will very quickly have unique SKUs on all your store’s products.

Recurring Sales

Each time you create a sale, the sales price will be saved in a historical field per product / variation. When a sale is over and prices and sale date (s) are deleted, you can easily set up a new sale with the previous sale prices. A bulk function on sale price makes it quick to set up your recurring sales. 


A number of filters are included, several is multi-selects. In addition to filtering by categories, there is an advanced filter in search (rows), a filter for on sale / not on sale, tags filter, stock status, and a range filter. The range filter enables you to get e.g. price range, sale price range and stock range, integrated with the other filters. Once you have found your selection, you can easily bulk update the selection.

Hide variables

Product variables can not be hidden using visibility, so you need a way to do this and Bulk Table Editor has the solution. Every time you change products the price will be saved in a historic field. This function is made so you can remove prices i.e for variables (to make them hidden) and when you want them visible again – just use the get previous price (bulk function)

Description, ID and SKU

Click the show description checkbox to view description, ID and SKU for all products and variations. Like to just edit one product or variation – just double click on product name (including variations) to show this additional information. Hide it again by double click or use the X icon right of description. In the other values table you can of course generate SKU’s too.

User-friendly Table Interface.

With its familiar table interface, Bulk Table Editor is easy to understand and use. It’s function is to simply and easily edit products in bulk by search or selection. It even includes the option to add custom price fields that can integrate with extensions like Wholesale.


If you use a price or numeric field from another extension, then Bulk Table Editor’s custom field allows you to seamlessly integrate these functions. After the custom field is added, you can use the bulk functions to edit your custom field just like any other standard field. This is easily done via the integrations dropdown box.

Available in Several Languages.

The extension is very easy to translate to other languages, the included POT file can be changed to your language quickly using options like the Polylang plugin. Current included languages are: English (US), Spanish, French, and Norwegian.

Purchase at

This extension is only available for purchase at This means you will be able to update your extensions directly in WooCommerce admin. Support is handled exclusively by the Consortia support team.

Price $89

1 year of updates and support | 30-day money-back guarantee

Bulk Table Editor
Verified customer
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Great plugin, saves a lot of time.
Bulk Table Editor
A perfect plugin for what it does!
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This plugins has been an immense help with its functionality and simple use. Recently we asked the support for a specific feature and after few days a new update with new implementation has been released, which is amazing! We've been using the plugin for some years and it always works smoothly especially when it comes down to product databases and ours has hundreds of products and variations. The support responds quick and aims to help right away, which is one of the most important factors to us.
Bulk Table Editor
Best plugin for bulk pricing adjustments and discounts
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I tried several plugins and had many compatibility issues with other plugins and services. This plugin works well, and it's really easy to change prices by percentage or fixed amounts. The support is also very responsive. There are a few extra features I would like to see in the future, but the author was open to adding these in the future.
Bulk Table Editor
Verified customer
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Customer Support - I downloaded this yesterday and saw immediately that Product Variations weren't easy to udpate as the editor didn't show product labels. I raised a support ticket and within 6 hours, Tom, from Consortia support responded and tasked his programmers with my issue. Almost immediately they recoded and released an update that works well. Great support, thank you. Adam
Bulk Table Editor
Verified customer
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Good plugin what saves you a lot of time! There are two things that could perhaps be improved. These are customising what punctuation mark you want for SKU generator and also more options of what you want to show. For example, always show the numbers and then choose which letters to go with them. Apart from that it is a top program, works great!
Bulk Table Editor
Verified customer
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It is easy to use but very complete. Very powerful, you can make changes to hundreds of articles with just 1 click, without consuming a lot of server resources. I had a problem with one of the updates and they fixed it right away. I am delighted with the technical support. I wish I had discovered this sooner, it's amazing how much time is saved with this bulk actions.
Bulk Table Editor
Excellent plugin & support
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This plugin is very well developed by Consortia and offers a very practical, fast and easy way to update pricing data in bulk. I couldn't live without this tool any more after using it for about two years now and I strongly appreciate the very fast & helpful support offered by their developer Tommy. Very highly recommended!