Consortia AS

Consortia AS develop applications and extensions mainly for e-commerce platforms. The company is located in Sandefjord, close to Oslo on the coastline of Norway. One of our focus areas is admin extensions that bulk update prices and do profit calculations that help you as a store owner. Our objective is to be the preferred extension provider for bulk updates of products and store maintenance.


The CEO of Consortia AS, Tommy Hansen started working as developer and consultant in 1996. He started back in 1984 coding BASIC. Since then there has been a lot of different coding languages and technologies he has been involved in. For more than 24 years he has been working as a project manager, consultant, developer and manager in companies in Norway.

He is still a happy coder and when possible he codes in PHP, JavaScript and C#. Some technologies he has experience with is: .NET, ASP.NET, WebAPI, WordPress, WooCommerce, Windows Forms, WPF, WF, SharePoint / Office365, Azure, NodeJS, TWIG, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SASS, CSS, HTML5, IOS, jQuery and SQL databases.


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Our plugins

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