Consortia AS

Consortia AS is an innovative and customer-centric e-commerce company that develop applications and plugins. Our main focus area is WooCommerce admin plugins that ease the job of product maintenance including bulk updates of prices and also profit calculations. Our objective is to be one of the preferred WooCommerce extension provider for admin of products and store maintenance.

As we are passionate about efficiency, we have one plugin that makes it easy to bulk shop quantities off products and variations. This plugin is suitable for companies who want to easily list their products, sell to retailers or use it in a wholesaler solution that i.e enable role based prices.

The CEO of Consortia AS, Tommy Hansen started working as developer and consultant in 1996. Since then he has been involved in many coding languages and technologies. For more than 24 years he has been working as a project manager, consultant, developer and manager in companies in Norway. Several of the companies has been e-commerce companies.

Tommy is still a happy coder and when possible he codes in PHP, JavaScript and C#. Some of the technologies he has experience with is: .NET, ASP.NET, WebAPI, WordPress, WooCommerce, Windows Forms, WPF, WF, SharePoint / Office365, Azure, NodeJS, TWIG, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SASS, CSS, HTML5, IOS, jQuery and SQL databases.

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Our plugins

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All of our WooCommerce extensions includes POT files for translations. Some of the extensions have several languages included. If you find that you need another language you can easy translate the extension using i.e Loco translate plugin. Read how to do this here..