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Consortia AS is a customer-centric, innovative and quality focused e-commerce software company, based in Norway. The company invests heavily in developing admin extensions that make your job as a merchant easier. Our objective is not to make as many extensions as possible, but rather that the ones we make will be good and give you added value. We think long-term, listen to our customers, work to ensure that you have a good experience with our products and our support staff.

The CEO of Consortia AS, Tommy Hansen started working as developer and consultant in 1996. Since then he has been involved in many coding languages and technologies. He has experience with: C#, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, ASP.NET, SQL, Visual Basic, Object-C and Swift.

For more than 25 years he has been working as a project manager, consultant, developer and manager in companies in Norway. Several of the companies has been e-commerce companies.

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CEO Tommy Hansen


Consortia AS was established in the summer of 2018 in Sandefjord, Norway. The goal of the establishment was to create a software company focusing on e-commerce applications. We chose to start developing applications for WooCommerce, an exciting choice. At the end of 2018, we started the dialogue with WooCommerce, and in 2019 we had signed a vendor agreement with Automattic.

When we in 2019 got the agreement with WooCommerce we first launched our Bulk Table Editor extension in October. Later we launched Bulk Shop, Calculate Your Price (April 2020) and most recently in December 2020 Roles & Rules B2B.

The focus for Consortia AS is to develop applications that provide added value for our customers, something we work for every single day.



If you need support on our extensions, please raise a ticket at!


Live Demo

If you like to test our plugins we have a demo site ready. A WP will be created for you that you can use for 1 hour!

Live Demo


All of our WooCommerce extensions includes POT files for translations. Some of the extensions have several languages included. If you find that you need another language you can easy translate the extension using i.e Loco translate plugin. Read how to do this here..

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