The Bulk Shop WooCommerce extension makes it fast to bulk order products and variables using a responsive table. Add hundreds of products to the cart in just one click. This extension can be used in wholesaler solutions, in companion with Dynamic pricing, donation lists using Name your price or just to show customers all your products in a list view. Use the included shortcode generator and settings to customise the list as you want it.


Easily create custom product lists

Thanks to its shortcode generator, Bulk Shop for WooCommerce allows you to create a custom list in just a few clicks. Just choose a category, select the elements you want to display, click on the “Create shortcode” button, and copy this code into your page. The category list will be ready for your customers to use, without need for further setup.

Sell your products in bulk

The responsive custom lists created with Bulk Shop enables your customers to find and purchase all your products in a clear, well presented table. They can select one or several different items, in the quantities they need, directly from the list. This feature, along with options to add custom retailer prices and roles, make Bulk Shop the perfect addition to your wholesaler solution.

Simplified shopping for all customers

Bulk Shop aims at simplifying the purchase process for all kinds of customers. Its search function makes it easy to find products, while its responsive mobile views ensure an easy access from all devices. The interface automatically calculates the total quantity and price of selected items before adding them to the cart, so your customers can always feel in control of their purchase.

Cross-sell related products

You can use Bulk Shop’s custom lists to promote cross-sales of related products. Just create a category for the items you want to bundle, pick your display options, and generate a shortcode to paste on the page of the product they relate to. It will generate a list all the accessories you want to highlight, offering your customers access to all related items from the same page.

Simple to configure and integrate

Bulk Shop integrates seamlessly to your WooCommerce page. The plugin automatically creates a new page listing all your products, and allows you to choose the display elements that are most relevant to your shop. It is compatible with several of the most common WooCommerce themes and supports Name Your Price for WooCommerce extension.

The settings for Bulk Shop enables you to set your own table headings and button names. Options for integrations and CSS. In CSS settings you can set the size of thumbnail images and more.

Available in several languages​

Bulk Shop for WooCommerce is available in several languages: English, Spanish, French and Norwegian. Since the plugin is using POT language files, it can also be translated in other languages of your choice. 

Custom price to roles

Normally a B2B/Wholesaler plugin map prices and roles and Bulk Shop supports this by default, if for some reason you need to do this manually you can do this in the Shortcode generator for Bulk Shop. This makes Bulk Shop able to present regular price to your regular customers and i.e a wholesaler price to your wholesalers. Supports to set up manually 10 custom prices and their roles. 

Easy hide prices for not logged in users (shortcode for this). This option hides prices, totals and add to cart buttons to.

Purchase at

Our extensions is only available to purchase at The benefit for you as customer is updates of your extensions direct in WooCommerce admin. Support is handled by Consortia support team.

Price $49

Short list of features

  • Shows all your products in a list and make it easy to bulk order
  • Filter by category
  • Responsive mobile view
  • Enables a way to bundle or group products
  • Creates sale badges and calculates the sale in percent
  • Bulk add products to cart
  • Set pre defined quantities per row
  • In cart icon to show that a product is added to cart, mouse over to see quantity added
  • Products in a list table view
  • Search and paging function
  • Search in SKU and Tags NEW
  • Shortcode generator (options to show or hide functions and columns)
  • Integration options for your custom Wholesaler / Retailer price and roles
    • Add up to 10 wholesaler (or other) prices and their roles NEW
  • Settings for easy translation or set custom table headings and buttons
    • Option for CSS and integrations
  • Shortcode option for hide prices for not logged in users NEW
  • Shortcode option to hide search and checkboxes (first column) NEW
  • Progress bar when bulk adding to cart NEW
  • POT file for easy translation


The extension is compatible with

  • WooCommerce Products and variations
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions and variations
  • Name your price for WooCommerce
  • Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce NEW
  • Wholesale for WooCommerce
  • Integrations for custom price and roles


Supported themes

  • WooCommerce Storefront
  • WordPress Themes
  • Works with Elementor (use shortcodes)
  • Works for most themes, but for some you may need to do some CSS adjustments