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Bulk Shop for WooCommerce

Bulk Shop is a bulk ordering system that lists your products and variables in a responsive table that also looks good for mobile views. The plugin can be used in a wholesale solution, donation list if you use Name your price for WooCommerce or just to show customers all products in a list.

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Some features

  • Product list views
  • Responsive mobile views
  • Calculates automatically and let customers see the cost and totals before adding products to cart
  • Shortcode generator, makes it easy to customise your product pages
  • Integration options for custom wholesaler / retailer price and roles
  • Supports: Name your price for WooCommerce

As we update and make Bulk Shop for WooCommerce better all the time, we have the updated product information at WooCommerce. Please follow the links below for more information.

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Demo: http://wpdemo.consortia.no/bulk-shop-order-form/