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You find search / filter in rows in the top right of Bulk Table Editor:

Default you search/filter in rows (see the radio button below search). In rows search you filter/search in the tree first rows in the current table.

Note: from vs 2.2.7 you can use row search to filter in description and SKU to (use the show description to see description, ID and SKU)

Here is an example of using the filter: 

Product variations i.e:
Shirt, Red, Small
Shirt, Red, Medium
Shirt, Red, Large
Shirt, Blue, Small
Shirt, Blue, Medium
Shirt, Blue, Large
Hoodie, Red, Small
Hoodie, Red, Medium
Hoodie, Red, Large
Hoodie, Blue, Small
Hoodie, Blue, Medium
Hoodie, Blue, Large

And if you want to find just the red shirts you can use row search like this: shirt red

Shirt, Red, Small
Shirt, Red, Medium
Shirt, Red, Large

This is now a filtered selection in the table, and you can easily make bulk edit on these and save. Above the search input you find a counter that give you the count of product and variations in the table – even when you search/filter.

Product name & SKU
If you want to search in product names / description (regular database search) select the radio button ‘text’. Same goes for SKU. However, these queries to the database does not always give you a good result (it uses WooCommerce’s standard search query). So, we think the best way to get your specific results is by using i.e a category and just filter as explained above.

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