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Sales dates (including time)

The sale start and sale end date input fields is found at the top header in the table, enter the input field and a dropdown date selector is shown, select the dates of your sale. After selected the dates the table columns will be inserted with the dates you selected. Then just uncheck the ones you do not want to have on your sale and enter the Save all button. In addition you can set the time for your sale (you find this below the date and will fill in the start and end time for your sale automatically). If you use time and it is not working – please read the section below about cron jobs.

Schedule the cron job for sales – integrated in Bulk Table Editor (2023-12-14)

As the interval for WooCommerce Sales cron job is by default running once a day, and our request to let users set this interval themselves has not been implemented yet, we decided to do this direct in Bulk Table Editors Settings (from vs 2.3.18). Bulk Table Editor use Action Scheduler and fallback to Cron Jobs if no Action Scheduler present (by default in WooCommerce newer versions). See cron job settings here…

If scheduled sale is not working (2022-10-01):

PS! OLD – Now implemented in Bulk Table Editor Settings (Cron Job (sales))

The issue is probably because the cron job for sales only runs once a day and will not trigger your scheduled sales (for a time). WooCommerce is informed about the issue and will make a fix, our suggestion is an option in settings where you can set the interval for this yourself.

To fix / check this now, do this:

1.    Install the WP Crontrol extension. This extension provides a way to view the WP-Cron system.

2.    Go to Tools > Cron Events.

Cron jobs
Select the interval that will work for your store.

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