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Manage Roles

Manage roles

To use Roles & Rules you need to have Roles for your B2B or B2C users. Role names can be anything i.e: Wholesaler (something) or VIP Customers, these roles will then be used for your customers. In WP Admin > Users you can easily bulk update users with a Role.

If you need a role for a customer group (users), add a role name and a slug for that role. Slugs must be a whole word I.e wholesaler_vip (lowercase letters and no space). Then set the capabilities for your role, default Customer (minimal rights), other capabilities is possible but require that you know what you let your users access your WP admin. After this just click the “save” button.

Now you can add users (customers) to this role. Above the “add role” section you will find a button which says, “add users to role.” This button sends you to the users list. Here you can bulk add users to any role. Add your users (customers) to the created role and use the button, “Roles & Rules B2B” to get back to Roles & Rules to continue adding roles or set up rules for the new roles.

Table – list of roles

The table of roles show you the roles and slug (first column). The Capabilities column have a list icon, this can be expanded (click) and you will see the capabilities for that role. Net prices (column) have a checked icon when a role have Ex.VAT and Tax exempt. The Delete role have options to delete roles you have created (but not the default roles i.e created by WP, WooCommerce and Roles & Rules (Pending role)), just click and confirm to delete any role (be sure to not have any customers/users linked to the role before deleting).

Tip: Setting tax exempt on a role (in combination with Ex.VAT) let your customer submit orders with no VAT and taxes. If you do not use tax exempt but only ex.VAT the orders will include VAT on checkout.

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