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Set up Category rules


This tab: Categories is for setting up rules for any category for you current role. Start by checking the categories you want to have rules for + Add categories (button). Then you will see this categories is populated in a table to the right of the catalog tree. This is how the category table works:

  • Remove (column): If you check this + Save changes (button) you remove this category rule.
  • Category: The name of the category
  • Hide: By checking this the category will be hidden and its products for the role you edit.
  • Sale: If you check this for a category the category and its products will be on sale (including badges as in a normal B2C Woo store). However this only works if you have added values in Adjust and Value.
  • Adjust: Use the select dropdown to select the type of adjustment you want on this category i.e Reduce by percent. Important to set or no adjustments will be made.
  • Value: Set a numeric value her i.e 20 ( 20% when Adjust is in Reduce by percent).
  • Rule: Qty or more: Set a quantity that indicate a minimum or more, then set a reduction type (percent or fixed value). This is dynamic pricing and let you give customers option to buy more products for a better discount.
  • Rule value: Set the discount value that you want to give customers (based on percent or fixed value). The dynamic pricing have labels you can change to your own likings in settings (see the section for Dynamic labels above).
  • Save changes button: Use this after you have made changes in the categories table.
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