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Set up Product Rules


The tab: Products give you the option to set prices on selected products or variations. On this page you can filter by role (dropdown box), this is handy if you have many products on a role. This is how it works (columns in the table):

  • Active: If a green icon is shown, this rule is active
  • Role: Shows the role and the amount of users attached to this role
    • Search product: start typing a product and suggestions will appear, select the product/variation you want and click the Add (button). This adds the product to the product table.
    • Add category products: Select a category and the products in this category is added to the product table for the rule.
  • Rule Products: Shows all the rules you have created and enables you to add products with specific rules.
    • Remove: Check this if you want to remove product rule (and Save changes)
      • Product thumbnail: Move mouse over and magnify the image
    • Product: Shows the name of the product / variation
    • Hide: Check if you want to hide a product for the role. (read in FAQ for more info)
    • Price: Shows the current price of your product (not adjusted by any rule).
    • Adjust: Select dropdown box with these options:
      • Reduce by percent (%)
      • Reduce by fixed amount
      • Increase by percent (%)
      • Increase by fixed amount
      • Fixed price
    • Value: Set the value that will use the adjust rule (i.e reduce by percent)
    • Rule: Qty or more: Set a quantity that indicate a minimum or more, then set a reduction type (percent, fixed value or fixed price). This is dynamic pricing and let you give customers option to buy more products for a better discount.
    • Rule value: Set the discount value that you want to give customers (based on percent, fixed value or fixed price). The dynamic pricing have labels you can change to your own likings in settings (see the section for Dynamic labels above).
    • Save changes button – saves the values in the product table.
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