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Can I use Roles & Rules B2B for a hybrid store (B2B and B2C)?

Yes you can, if you have customers you would like to give special prices to you can set up roles and rules for them. When they log in they will get the prices for that role. One example will be that you have B2C customers and they have prices inc. VAT. The prices for B2C customers will be what you have on your products. When it comes to B2B/wholesaler customers you perhaps want to have the prices ex. VAT and rules like 20% discount on all products – this you can easy set up in Roles & Rules B2B.

Can I use Roles & Rules for guest users (B2C store)?

Yes, from vs 1.2.1 we added guest users as a role in Roles & Rules. This means you can now set up prices and rules for your B2C store just as easy as you set up your B2B store rules.

Is the prices updated at once in the store?

When you save a new rule for one of your roles it can take a maximum of 60 seconds before it is shown to the user. This is due to the way caching of prices works.

How is the order of rules applied?

When you set up rules have in mind that the price rule that is most specific ( i.e product rules ) will be used first. The exception is a storewide sale will be used if it is set – then no other rules applies. So, in short, product rules is (#1), then category rules (#2) then general rules. Example:

  1. The general rule applies for every product i.e 10% reduction for every product
  2. If categories rules this applies for every product in the categories i.e 20% reduction. For products not in the categories the general rule (1) applies (in this example 10%)
  3. Sales rules applies for every product and rule 1, 2 and 4 is not considered when calculating the prices. Example 30% reduction storewide applies to all products/variations.
  4. Product rules goes before rule 1, this means that special rules set for any product will always be first applied. One thing to note is that if a product is in a category and this category has Sale, the product will be on sale (including sales badges).

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