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Roles & Rules - categories

We want to set up a role for some of our Wholesaler customers that we want to give a 10% general discount on all products. First we add a role, we do this using the included add roles (tab) in Roles & Rules B2B. Then we go to the Rules (tab) and add a rule for this role:

  • Wholesaler 10
    • We set up a general rule including a 10% discount (this percentage is automatically reduced from the regular price of the products).
    • We have good profit on decor. We want to give a 20% discount on this category.
      • Just check the Decor category in the general rule for categories.
      • Add 20 into the input field below (this value will use this percent as set for the rule).
      • Set the “On Sale” checkbox checked (prices appear now as a sale for the customer).
      • Set the rule active using the checkbox in the column Active – then Save rule to activate rule.
    • We have other categories we want to set special discounts on:
      • Just find the tab – Categories
      • Check the categories you want to have rules for + Add categories (button)
      • Hide a category and its products – just check the hidden checkbox
      • Set up your discount rules and save (button)
    • And finally some selected products we want to set unique prices on:
      • Enter the Wholesaler 10 rule
      • Search for a product + Add (button)
      • Set i.e a fixed price or a percentage reduction + Save (button)

About rules

When you set up rules have in mind that the price rule that is most specific ( i.e product rules ) will be used first. The exception is a storewide sale will be used if it is set – then no other rules applies. So, in short, product rules is (#1), then category rules (#2) then general rules.

Please let us know if you want more examples on how to set this up!

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