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Price and roles

Bulk Shop fits good in a B2B / Wholesaler solution due to its ability to use prices with roles. When using a wholesaler/B2B extension the extension set custom prices and roles, Bulk Shop default supports this. And you do not need to do anything in Bulk Shop. We recommend to test Bulk Shop first with your B2B extension before doing the steps below.

Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce, our own B2B solution works out of the box with Bulk Shop.

For Wholesale for WooCommerce you do not need to set up custom _wholesale price and roles. Just set it up in the extension Wholesale for WooCommerce and it changes prices automatically. The same applies for Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce.

If by chance your B2B extension does automatically change prices based on a role, Bulk Shop supports up to 10 different prices and their roles. So let’s see how this works. First we have to know something about the prices (their names/slugs) before we can start setting this up. Depending on your B2B / Wholesaler extension you may need to find your custom prices for your customer roles.

If you do not know the custom price slug, you can do an export of your products, search for _price and look for that with the name of your extension. Copy the slug and paste it in the custom price, set the roles and generate a shortcode.

To use the prices and their roles in Bulk Shop you just have to make shortcodes for that. See image below.

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