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Generate shortcodes

  1. On installation one page is created by default: Bulk Shop that includes the shortcode [bulkshop], to find this:
    1. Go to: WordPress Admin > Pages > Bulk Shop page
    2. Rename the title Bulk Shop to i.e Bulk order form if you like
  2. Create pages or posts and add bulkshop shortcodes to create your custom order forms
    1. Go to: WordPress Admin > Bulk Shop
Bulk Shop - Shortcodes
Bulk Shop - Shortcodes

To use this generator start from the top if you like, select categories (if not all will show) then check the options you want for i.e hiding columns or hiding prices for not logged in users. Make sure to add custom price and custom price roles if you hide prices for not logged in users.

Click the create shortcode and copy shortcode, find the page or post you want to show your bulk shop list in and paste the shortcode here.

See the shortcode options doc page for more about the shortcodes and what you can do with them.


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