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Here you find the options for shortcode generator. Please feel free to use the Still stuck mail option in the bottom of this page to inform us if you want us to go more in depth on an option or other.

Select categories: Select the product categories you want on a page, hold down the ctrl or cmd key to select more than one category in the list. Default all categories are selected. If you select one or several categories the select category dropdown shows only with the selected categories.

Products per page: Default paging is set to 15 products per page, set your value in this field.

Default product quantity: By default every product row has 0 in the quantity input field. This option let you pre set numeric values in this field.

Redirect after Add to Cart: With this option you can automatically redirect users after they have added items to cart. Option is Cart and Checkout.

Sort products Z – A (desc): This option sets the default sorting of products (using product name), if checked the product sorting is in a descending order else in ascending (default).

Hide expanded variations: By checking this you hide product variations from the list. The product is shown but the variations must be selected in a select option dropdown box. This option is recommended if you do not want to list all variations.

Hide stock: Check this if you want to hide stock for customers.

Hide sale badge: Check this if you do not want a sales badge below your prices saying Sale 30% . This function calculates the percent sale you have on your products.

Hide price range filter: Check if you want to hide the price range filter. This filter enables customers to filter on price ranges.

Hide Tags filter: Check if you want to hide the Tags filter. The filter gets all tags and let customers select tags to filter products in the table.

Hide category selector: Check this if you do not want to show the categories selector on a categories page. Category selector will always be shown if All categories is selected.

Hide SKU: Check this if you want to hide SKU from the list view.

Hide thumbnail: Check this if you want to hide the thumbnail image from the list view.

Hide short description: Check this if you want to hide the short description from the list view.

Hide price: Check if you want to hide the price column in the list.

Hide total: Check if you want to hide the total column in the list.

Hide add to cart icon: Check this option if you want to hide the add to cart icons at the right side of every row.

Hide bulk add: This option hides the bulk add input and button

Hide search: Hides the search input function and radio buttons + search button

Hide checkboxes: Hides the checkboxes in the first column of the table.

Hide price (for not logged in users): Check this option to hide prices for not logged in users. This option hides the prices (not the column), set totals to null, hides add to cart buttons. This way you can show customers your products in a list but hide the prices and possibility to add products to cart.

Custom price: Enter a custom price slug i.e _wholesales_price if Bulk Shop is used in a Wholesaler solution and prices are not automatically changed. If you set a custom price you also have to select the roles that will use this price. The custom price will replace normal price for the user roles selected. The table will show normal price strikethroughs and custom price below if custom price is lower than normal price.

Custom price roles: If you have a custom price you also need to set the customer roles that can see and use this price. Hold down the ctrl or cmd key to select more than one role. Custom price and roles is a generic option to integrate Bulk Shop with retailer and wholesales solutions where special prices and roles are used.

Add price and role(s): When you click this button you add a custom price and role(s) to the price and role(s) text field. You can do this with up to 10 prices and their roles.

Create and copy shortcode: When you click the button create shortcode the shortcode text field will now have the shortcode with the options you selected above. You can now click the button copy shortcode and paste it in a page or post.

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