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What do the sales badge do?

The sales badge calculates you sale in % and if sale on a product it appear like this: Sale 20%

Can I bulk shop multiple products?

Yes, just add a quantity in the quantity input field and hit enter or the add button. You can also direct select quantity and the table then calculates the totals for you before you add the products to the cart.

Can I create shortcode for several categories?

Yes, in the shortcode generator you can select several categories like this: hold down the ctrl or cmd key to select more than one category. After your selection just click the button: Create shortcode.

Does Bulk Shop support all themes?

Yes and no, default Bulk Shop is created and styled for WooCommerce Storefront. If you like to use Bulk Shop for a none supported theme you may have to do some CSS styling. Look at the list below for supported themes, the list will be updated when new themes is supported.

Can I have several shortcodes on one page?

Yes, you can have several shortcodes on a page, but only one bulk shop shortcode due to the JavaScripts involved for calculations.

Is the table responsive and support mobile views?

Yes, the table adjusts to small sized screens and support mobile views.

Is grouped products shown in the views?

Grouped product is not shown in the views because it can not be bought this way.

Can I use Bulk Shop in a wholesaler or retailer solution?

Yes, most of the time this works out of the box if prices is automatically changed. If however this is not the case you can use the custom price and custom price roles and generate a shortcode to use in your Bulk Shop pages. This will replace the current price with your custom price i.e _wholesales_price for the customer user roles you have set to use this price. Bulk Shop supports up to 10 custom prices and their roles. If you do not know the custom price slug, you can do an export of your products, search for _price and look for that with the name of your extension. Copy the slug and paste it in the custom price, set the roles and generate a shortcode.

For Wholesale for WooCommerce you do not need to set up custom _wholesale price and roles. Just set it up in the extension Wholesale for WooCommerce and it changes prices automatically. The same applies for Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce.

Can I use Bulk Shop with Name your price for WooCommerce?

Yes, we have integrated support for this plugin. Just set minimum and suggested price for the products you want to show as i.e donations and Bulk Shop will show it in the list.

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