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Bulk Shop default list all products and variables and includes all functions and columns. When adding quantity the table automatically calculates the totals for the customer. Every row and in the bottom of the list you find add to cart buttons. When clicking one of these buttons you add all selected (checked) products to cart.

Bulk Shop - main view
Main view

By default every product and variation is listed, in this view we have added the shortcode: [bulkshop hidevariations=’true’ product_qty=’1′], when this option is set the list automatically shows select option on products with variations. When a variable is selected an Ajax (JS) function gets the right price, SKU and more on your variable product. This view typically has a select category dropdown box, bulk add quantity, search function and paging by default. It is possible to search in Text, SKU and Tags.

Expanded variations

The above view shows the default view with expanded product variations. Most of the table can be tailored either by using shortcodes or settings (se using shortcodes and settings).

Mobile view

Mobile view

The mobile view for Bulk Shop.


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