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Table editor

Bulk Category Editor – categories

The table editor allows inline editing of your categories. If you make changes in any field, the checkbox for the row will be checked. When you save, all changes in all selected categories will be updated.

  • Parent: Categories that have no parent category will have a dropdown with no subcategories.  Subcategories will have dropdown with the whole category tree. This enables you to move a category to another parent category (including subcategories).
  • Name / description: Change name and description (below name). The description input field can be resized for easy editing.
  • Slug: Change slug name. Note that the slug name must be of lowercase letters and strung together with hyphens similar to this, silk-t-shirts.
  • Display type: Set display type using the following options: Default, Products, Subcategories and Both. This can also be changed in bulk in the table header.
  • Image: Set or delete the category image using the edit or delete buttons (bulk functions for this below the label Image). The edit button opens your Media Library where you can select or upload an image for your category. Remember to click the Save changes button after you are done. 
  • Sort: Drag and drop categories to sort. Make the drop above or below (in the same hierarchy group) to make sure the sorting order will be right.
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