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Filter and paging on categories

Bulk Category Editor – categories


Paging for categories will show up if you have many categories.  In settings, you can set the number of categories to display on each page. 

Filter by (category dropdown)

Use the filter by category to get a category, if the category is parent it will automatically get the subcategories too. By default this filter lists all categories including subcategories (and empty), this can be changed in settings – to just get the parent categories.

Search / filter categories

As you perform your search and begin typing in the field,  filtering occurs automatically and filters by category (and parent), name, description and slug. For example, if you are searching by all shoes, and start by typing ‘shoe’ and then ‘women’, only those results will display.  Use spaces between phrases. Please note: the filter only filters the current page (table). If paging is enabled, you may need to do the same on several pages. 

Bulk updates from table heading

Within the table heading:

  1. Check or uncheck all rows (categories) to apply bulk edits.
  2. Parent dropdown applies parent categories in bulk for your categories. 
  3. Display type dropdown applies display type in bulk for your categories.
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