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Add categories

Add categories
  1. To add a category, click the Add button and the Add Category table will display.
  2. To create a parent category, enter the category name and save, the slug will be automatically created for you.  (Note: The description field has the option to be resized.)
  3. To set an image for the newly created category, click the Image edit button and upload an image or select from your Media Library. 
  4. After saving, the Add Category table editor closes automatically, but if you would like to have this visible, you can set this by going to WooCommerce > Settings > Bulk Category Editor and select Show add category.

Bulk Add Categories

  1. In the bottom row of add category:
    1. Select parent category (optional – so you do not need this unless you want to make subcategories)
    2. Add category names like: Shoes, Jacket, Hoodies (use comma between each name)
    3. Click the bulk create button
  2. Done

With the bulk add categories you can easily create bulks of categories in seconds. One tip is to first create the main categories then create the subcategories.

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