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To find the settings, go to: WooCommerce > Settings >  Cost & Reports

Cost & Reports has three sections, the first section is for general settings, the second is for setting up integrations with other plugins and the third is for reports. 

  • Products per page: Number of product rows in the table is used in the paging function, default 50 product rows
  • Automatic stock management: If you want to turn off stock management i.e you do not use stock for some or all items but still want stock status to be in stock or other options you have set.
  • Disable autofocus: Select this option if you do not want autofocus when the mouse is over an input field i.e search.
  • Other cost: name: If you like to rename the Other cost field to something else, enter a (short) name here
  • Shipping cost: name: If you like to rename Shipping (default) to something else, enter a (short) name here
  • Show shipping cost: Check this option to show shipping cost in Calculate your price table.

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