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Getting started

You are now ready to use Cost & Reports for WooCommerce. To start Cost & Reports, in the admin menu find WooCommerce > Cost & Reports.

Cost & Reports – Main

On the top left side of the extension you have the editor home, sales report and download button. Next you find select category, delete rows, settings and if Bulk Table Editor is installed you also have a button for this extension. To the top right we have the search/filter in text, SKU and rows. Below the search you find the paging function.

The headings in the table has arrows and is for ordering the rows on the column heading. Right below the named headings you find the bulk functions of the extension. They work like this: enter a value in the input field, then use the select box to select i.e Set fixed amount. The exception here is when you want to use the round functions then it is just to select the one you want. More about the round functions in the FAQ section.

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