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I want to round my prices, how does it work?

The round functions is found in the dropdown select box for price values. Round upwards function will set the price up from i.e 19.51 to 20.00 and if round downwards from 19.30 to 19.00. Round two decimals does this type of rounding: 19.63 becomes 19.60, it uses the logical round up or down based on the decimals. Just use the functions on your prices or i.e after you have bulk created new sales prices. Remember to save when done.

How does the bulk function: copy purchase / copy current price work?

On the bulk functions for Cost of goods and New price there is a copy function. This function copies purchase price to Cost of goods or Current price to New price. This can be handy if you i.e have imported products and want to do some adjustments to your prices or if purchase price is equal to cost of goods. We recommend to use the copy function found in cost of goods first so the calculations will be correct.

I want to import data, what custom fields is created?

The fields that is created and possible to map in an import is: _purchase_price, _cost_of_goods and _cyp_shipping_cost . If you have i.e use Cost of goods for WooCommerce and want to continue using the values from this extension set _wc_cog_cost in settings (see usage – Integration Cost of goods).

Other fields: _markup_percent (Markup) and: _other_cost (Cost)

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