Why consider the Roles & Rules B2B extension?

Let’s start from the beginning, this extension for WooCommerce was created when we had long gone with the idea of ​​developing an extension that would:

  • Be able to manipulate prices for any WordPress / WooCommerce role
  • Give differentiated prices to these roles
  • Only use the regular price for calculations for the different roles
  • Could bulk set prices for categories
  • Be able to set specific rules for products / variations
  • Be able to run sales for customer roles
  • Create roles

These were the goals we set for this WooCommerce extension. Let’s take a closer look at why this was and is important. So we start a little bit down the list to the point that was crucial for Roles & Rules to be unique.

Only use the regular price for calculations!

This may not sound so crucial but in fact this was and is an advanced feature of Roles & Rules. Other role-based B2B solutions have chosen the easier way of creating an extra price field for B2B prices, but for you as a user this means more administration – as you have to update another price in WooCommerce. We did not give in to this and found a way to do this quickly and efficiently, so that it will be easier for you.


Manipulate prices for any role!

When you have a base price on the product, as explained above, for example, on a product we will say a T-shirt with a regular price of $ 10. This price applies to guest customers (B2C). In our store we have set up VIP Customers or wholesalers that we want to offer a different price to – therefore it is important to be able to automatically calculate discounted prices based on what you want the price to be for a given role.

Run store sales!

Running sales in a store is, as everyone knows, a triggering buying factor. We wanted to build this into Roles & Rules and did it. You can easily set up a store sale as 20% on the entire store with from and to date and time. You can also put one or more categories up for sale at any time. When you create a sale, your products get ON SALE marking – just as it would be in your regular B2C store.

Dynamic price setting!

We chewed a little on this one. How about also being able to give prices like: buy 3 or more get 20%. This is as a second rule, ie you can give for example 10% on the product / category but tell at the product level in the store that if you buy 3 or more you get additional discounts. This feature is now available in Roles & Rules – another buying trigger you can use.

What about guest users in a role-based system?

If you only sell to wholesalers, you may only give guest users a view of the products but not the opportunity to buy. For this setting we created a private shop opportunity. Many merchants want to sell to both B2C and B2B / wholesalers, therefore we also developed guest as a role (not logged in users) so that one can easily create price rules for guest users in the same way as other roles.

Exclusive VAT for wholesalers / B2B customers?

This was a topic that had to be addressed early. We found that a great way to do this is to choose the roles that you want exclusive of VAT, then get the other roles including VAT, if it is set up like this in WooCommerce settings well to mark. So for a wholesaler who buys in your store with ex VAT will see prices in the store without VAT until he arrives in the shopping cart / check-out, here VAT will be added to the total.

More information!

There are many more features in Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce that you can find more information about here (product page) or on WooCommerce.com

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about Roles & Rules, we are happy to answer your questions, also remember that you can try Roles & Rules for 30 days and get your money back if you want.

Tommy Hansen / CEO