New extension: Bulk Category Editor

Many of our customers want to be able to work more easily with product categories, in addition they want to be able to clean up if an import of products and categories gets a little messy.

Merchants often want to move or delete products from categories as well, sometimes they just want to add a category to some of their products. To solve these tasks, we developed the Bulk Category Editor for WooCommerce.

Bulk Category Editor includes features that make it easy to add, bulk update, and delete categories. To be able to work with many product categories, we selected and list the categories in a table, the table makes it easy to make changes in many categories and then save with a button.

Search and replace functions were developed that make it easy to find words or phrases you want to change in fields like name, description or slug. In addition, we developed filters (as you type) that make it easy to find only what you want in a quick way.

Bulk Category Editor – move products

A section was dedicated to moving products to other categories. The goal was to make it easy to find products, sort them out and then move them to other categories. In addition, one should be able to choose to only add categories to selected products. The solution to these desires can be found in the Move Products section of the Bulk Category Editor. Interested? Take a closer look, link below.

Launch is expected on Friday 15 October 2021, view product..