Calculate your price – introducing sales reports

New in version: 2.0.1

Calculate your price uses purchase price, cost, cost of goods and markup to suggest and bulk create correct prices on products and variations. When setting up prices this way one can measure values at cost, retail value and profit easy. 

From the start of developing this plugin we had in mind to create reports using these values and now we are finally releasing it. This reports makes it easy to find out what we actually did get in profit even if we had sales on our products.  

What does the reports show?

  • Sales per order, statuses, quantity, cost of goods, gross sales and profit
    • Averages
    • Total gross sales in period
    • Profit in period
    • Total cost of goods in period
    • Purchase cost in period
  • Sales per product, categories, product name(including variations), SKU, Quantity, Price (actual price when purchased), gross sales and profit (also in percent)
    • Averages
    • # 1 product by quantity
    • # 2 product by quantity
    • # 1 product by profit
    • # 2 product by profit
    • Gross sales in period
    • Total profit in period (including in percent)

We have created links for most used date periods: Year, Last month, This month, Last 7 days and custom date range. Based on the set date range you can easy download the reports as a .csv file.

Reports per order

Reports per product/variation

Plugin page: Calculate your price

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