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This extension set up new prices using purchase price, cost of goods and markup. It comes with handy bulk functions to do calculations direct on products and variations. Want to see your profit on your products, value at cost and current retail value for your stock? Here you get it on the fly. It even has a control mechanism that control prices and check for negative profit.


Set the right price for your products

Calculate Your Price allows you to create new prices based on purchase price, associated costs and markup, and automatically calculate the value at cost, retail value and profit on your products. Its user-friendly interface gives you the possibility to update your product prices one by one or in bulk, and offers a wide range of calculation options (set values, %, round-up functions).

Update your values in bulk

Thanks to its bulk edition tools, the extension allows you to edit product values such as purchase price, cost, cost of goods, markup, price and stock easy. All price values can automatically be rounded up, down and to the next decimal, and you can even delete one or several products directly from the list.

Search and filter products

Use the category selector to access the category you are looking for, and refine your selection using the search functions. Use the handy filter by rows function to group a set of products to update. The extension allows you to find all products, subscriptions and variations.

Download prices and calculations

Whether it is for backup purposes, or to include your product prices in a presentation, having access to an updated price list can be important. Calculate your Price offers you the option to export all its data, including all calculations and latest date of modification, in a .csv file that is compatible with all spreadsheet programs (MS Excel, Numbers from Apple and others.). 

User-friendly table interface

With its familiar table interface, Bulk Table Editor is easy to understand and use. It allows you to simply edit single products, as well as doing bulk updates on a group of selected items, and even includes an option to add custom price field to easily integrate with your wholesaler set up.  Its user friendly interface is approved by WooCommerce.

Automated functions

The plugin contains many automated functions, to ease the process of editing and calculate your products. For example it automatically calculates profit value per product as well as total profit on your selection. It also have control functions to alert you for negative profit or prices that is not calculated.


Compatible with products, variations, and subscriptions. The extension also integrates with Cost of Goods for WooCommerce, our own Bulk Table Editor, as well as other extensions using purchase prices and costs of goods. The plugin supports Multisite network setup.

Available in several languages​

The extension can easily be translated to other languages, the included POT file can be translated to your language using i.e Polylang (plugin). Included languages is: English (US) and Norwegian (NO).

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Our extensions is only available to purchase at The benefit for you as customer is updates of your extensions direct in WooCommerce admin. Support is handled by Consortia support team.

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