September 2020 update

During the summer until now we have done a lot of changes and improvements on our extensions. We have also been working on documentation, on this the first goal is to make a documentation that help you start using our plugins. The next objective is to make more content like tips and hopefully tutorials. We love to hear your feedback on the documentation so we can make it better if something is missing or not explained good. Perhaps what you want tutorials on and so.

Here is what we have done with the plugins:

Bulk Table Editor

There has been a lot of changes since April. We decided to add more values to bulk update, so we created a new table called Other values. Here we wanted to enable updates of SKU, featured, tags, stock statuses and measures. We wanted also to make it easy for you to generate SKU’s on your products and variations and included a SKU generator. 

We have also added a filter for products on sale and we have plans to add more filters soon. To make it more easy to see when the saving process is on we have added a progress bar below the save all button. The last thing we have done until now is to work on speed and this is a process that we will continue to work on.

Calculate your price

In this plugin we have done many on the same updates as in Bulk Table Editor regarding working on speed and added progress bar when saving. We have also added some bulk copy functions to make it easy if you have imported products with purchase price and price. This plugin has focus on calculating and set prices correct so you can see your profit and make use of cost of goods. There is plans to do more regarding these values in the plugin and continue add features you want. 

Bulk Shop 

This plugin gets many requests for integrations and features, so we try to add as many we can. We created a settings page for the plugin so you can set your own headings and button names. This can be handy if Bulk Shop is not translated to your language or just want to set you own names. We also added a progress bar that appears when adding many products to cart. Finally we have added integration for Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce.

So we will continue to work hard to make improvements on our extensions and listen to you so please let us know when you have issues or suggestions for new features.