December 2019 updates

We have updated Bulk Table Editor and Bulk Shop with features and improvements. Bulk Shop has mainly got an overhaul and some issues where fixed. Bulk Table Editor has got three new features that will speed up your work – we think. The new functions is:

  1. Clear sales
    • This function makes it easy to clear an existing sale. What it does is it clears sales price and sales dates. Then just save and your current sale is removed.
  2. Delete rows
    • This function deletes your checked rows in the table. You can just check all rows (checkbox at the top left in the heading of the table) and click the delete rows link (a popup message to confirm) and your done.
  3. SKU Search
    • We have added search for SKU.
  4. Row Search
    • We have added search/filter in product rows. It makes it easy to filter a selection of products/variables and do bulk updates on the selection.
Bulk Table Editor functions

Stay tuned for more news!