Bulk Table Editor is now launched..

We are proud to announce that we have launched Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce. The extension is now available at WooCommerce.com.

What can this plugin do?

Bulk Table Editor is an extension that makes it fast and easy to do bulk updates of your products. The editor has a high focus on price-, sales- and stock values. If you have focus on sales, prices and logistics this extension will make your product maintenance easier. Bulk Table Editor is optimised to set up sales in your WooCommerce shop and it helps you get the job done – fast and easy!

More information

You will find more information on our pages or please follow these links:



If you need support on our extensions, please raise a ticket at WooCommerce.com!


Live Demo

If you like to test our plugins we have a demo site ready. A WP will be created for you that you can use for 1 hour!

Live Demo


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