April 2021

Even with pandemics and closed offices, the development of our applications continues. E-commerce is increasing and a lot of exciting things are happening in WordPress and WooCommerce these days. We have also received two great reviews in WP Mayor by Bulk Table Editor and Calculate Your Price, respectively.

We continue to work with our applications and would like to thank you again for your good input for improvements and additional functionality. Here’s a brief summary of what we’ve done so far this year with our WooCommerce extensions.

Bulk Table Editor

As many of our users want better filtering, we have focused on that, in addition we fix bugs and always focus on speed. In short, we have done this:

  • Fixed filter in rows (search)
  • Added support for new WooCommerce menu
  • Added ability to change product image (image selector)
  • Added back button in edit product
  • Added SKU settings (number of characters for SKU generator)
  • Added filter for Tags
  • Updated filter for on sale / not on sale (and speed)
  • Changes in appearance / buttons etc

Calculate Your Price

Here we have also focused on filter and bug fixing. What we have done is this:

  • Better filter in search (rows)
  • Added customer role in order reports
  • Created dynamic calculation of product reports
  • Removed refund order from reports
  • Added support for new WooCommerce menu
  • Added item cost and purchase price on each order line, to take care of historical data
  • Other upgrades in the code

Roles & Rules B2B

This was launched in December 2020 and we have worked a lot with it this year. We have expanded with a lot of functionality, including:

  • Coupons per role (for extra rules at check-out)
  • Product rails
    Category rules
  • Support for new WooCommerce navigation
  • A number of options in settings
  • SKU search for products
  • Select all categories (for faster setup)
  • Various adjustments regarding tax
  • Various improvements

Bulk Shop

For this expansion, we have focused on speed and filter. Among other things, we have done this:

  • Added Lazyload for table
    Possibility to set how many words you want to show for the product’s short description
  • Fixed that you can not select a variable that does not exist
    Miscellaneous for tax
  • Added price range filter and ability to hide this
  • Various CSS fixes
  • Various improvements