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Using hours to manage your store? Want to make it easy
to work with prices and setting up sales?


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Sell to B2B / Wholesaler customers

Want to transform your store into a wholesale / B2B solution? This extension can act as a hybrid solution for both B2C and B2B / wholesalers. The user friendly UI makes it easy to set up price rules for the entire store, your categories, and products / variants. Take advantage of role-based pricing, set up sales (unique to Roles & Rules), and automatically add coupons for additional discount rules. The extension has no specially adapted price fields, this means easier work in product administration.

An advanced, fast and user-friendly extension!

Want to do bulk updates set up sales easy manage sku set stock easy ?

Bulk Updates for products and variations.

This popular WooCommerce extension is highly focused on setting up sales, working with prices, and easily managing stock in bulk. It can also quickly generate unique SKUs, tags, and more. Bulk Table Editor comes with a wide range of handy functions to maintain your store. It even supports custom price fields like Wholesale, name your price, and cost of goods.

Bulk Table Editor can bulk set prices, sales prices, and stock amounts. It can also bulk edit values using tools like round by decimal or set fixed values.

SKU Generator And More

Bulk update values like: featured products, SKU, tags, backorders, stock status, and measurements (weight, length, width, and height). The SKU generator is handy to quickly create unique SKUs on a large range of products and variations.

Want profit correct prices sales reports on your products?

This extension adds purchase price, cost, and cost of goods to your products/variations. It calculates a suggested new price based on these values using the markup field (profit margin). The suggested new price then has a profit margin set by you which leaves you in direct control of the stores profit and revenue. The included bulk functions let you adjust or set all these values easily. In addition, you can seamlessly update stock, see value at cost, retail value, and overall profit.

Profit, Revenue and Sales Reports

This extension even includes valuable and unique sales reports. The reports show, in detail, your actual profit and revenue, not just best sellers, but down to the product or variation level. Get the reports by any date range..

List products and variations in a responsive table for wholesaler solutions easy

Shop in a responsive table

This WooCommerce extension enables bulk shop products and variations using a responsive table. Add multiple products products to the cart in just one click. This extension can be used in wholesaler solutions, in companion with Roles & Rules B2B, donation lists using Name your price or just to show customers all your products in a list view. Take advantage of the many options to customise the list as you want.