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Bulk Table Editor – How to!

Are you running an online store selling a lot of different products? Have you ever wished there was a way to modify the stock, price and sales of your products, without the hassle of editing each of them one by one? Look no further! Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce provides a fast and easy way to do bulk updates of your products, all from the comfort of a familiar and user friendly Excel-like interface, so you can use your time to develop your business instead.

Ready to use in seconds

As soon as Bulk Table Editor is installed and activated in your WooCommerce store, all your products are automatically loaded in its interface. Just select a category to display, or use the comprehensive search function to find the specific items you want to work on, and you’re ready to update!

Update your products in bulk

Like many shop owners, the most frequent information you would want to update for your products are their prices and stock quantities. From the product list in Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce, you can select one or several items and change these values by fixed amounts or percentages, all in one go.

You can easily increase or decrease these values, and even round up the new prices automatically! And if you are no longer selling some of these products, you can even delete their rows in the list with the click of a button.

Set up sales in one simple operation

Sales are an important part of a shop’s activity, so we believe it should be made as simple as possible to set them up. You can select all the items you want to update in the product list, apply a discount (by fixed amount or percentage) and set the dates of your sales. The new prices will be implemented automatically to your product pages, saving you the hassle of updating them one by one.

When your sales period is over, you can just press “Clear sales” to go back to your regular prices.

Easily integrate your custom prices

Not all customers are the same to you, and you may even have already set custom discounts for the most loyal of them in your WooCommerce store. Bulk Table Editor allows you to integrate the role you have defined (i.e. wholesaler,) to your product list, and apply price updates to one or several products in one go.

If you haven’t set up roles for a specific type of customers, you can also use this field to keep track of information that is important for you, such as the manufacturer list price (MSRP) of the products you are selling!

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