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Bulk Shop – How to!

Are you using your WooCommerce online store to sell a lot of different products? Are your customers often buying them in large quantities? The Bulk Shop for WooCommerce extension allows you to create lists of your products that are easy to configure, easy to deploy on your WooCommerce store, and easy to use for your customers.

Create product lists in a few clicks

Thanks to its shortcode generator, Bulk Shop allows you to easily make lists for each category of products in your store. Just choose a category, select the elements you want to display, click on the “Create shortcode” button, and copy this code into your page. The category list will be ready for your customers to use, without need for further setup.

By default the plug-in will also automatically create a list of all your products with the same functions as the category lists, which you can use to replace the “Shop” page in your WordPress.

Sell your products in bulk

By default, WooCommerce only allows you to add items to your cart one by one. While that may not be a problem for some clients, it can quickly become a real nightmare for those who want to buy products in large quantities! With Bulk Shop, your customers can edit the amount of goods they want directly from the product list.

It even calculates the total quantity and cost of the selected items before adding them to the cart, giving your customer total and easy control over the purchase process.

Make bundles to sell related items

Some products are better sold together. For example, you would probably be quite annoyed to buy a printer online, only to find out when you receive it that you forgot to buy the ink toners that go with it! And it would then be even more annoying to have to go through a page of hundreds of different ink toners to find those that match your printer.

If you create a category for related items, Bulk Shop allows you to create a list of all related items and present them together on a product page, so your customers will be able to locate them more easily.

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